I have owned, shown and bred Giant Schnauzers since 1992, so for some 30 years now with some great success along the way including Cruft’s best of breeds, top breeder 4 times and several top dogs that have had a positive effect on the breed.

In 2019 we welcomed our first standard schnauzer from the Czech Republic, which is proving to be most exciting.
We have imported dogs from some of the world’s top kennels in our pursuit of the excellence of our dogs.

I have also been involved in the running of the Giant Schnauzer Club being chairman for several years and I am also a qualified judge of all three sizes of schnauzer at championship level.
Together with Karen we endeavor to show and breed the best and most correct schnauzers that we can.

My family brought our first miniature in 2007 after having many years of my mum owning and breeding Yorkshire Terriers. We decided to have a change, after much research we decided a miniature schnauzer would fit in to our life and I’d met two lovely miniatures whilst working in a boarding kennel. When we went to view our puppy and collect Sawyer, we fell in love with the Giant Schnauzer also. It took us a year to decide that a giant would suit our lifestyle and to find a breeder. So, in 2008 we got our first giant named Duke and decided to give dog showing a try. Two years later we got our second giant Lexi and she fitted into the family like she’d always belonged. Lexi went on to become our first champion and produced three litters of which we kept two daughters. In 2013 Jorja joined the family and later in 2016 Esme joined us, they both became champions in the show ring.

In 2019 I moved out of my family home to live with my partner Kirk who owned his own giants, and we met through dog shows. I didn’t want to upset the family’s dogs, so they stayed with my parents and later that year we imported our first schnauzer Sofi from the Czech Republic. A year later we imported our second schnauzer Ryker from Russia.

In 2021 our son Jack was born and the dogs welcomed him as the missing link to the family. I went back to my roots of miniatures and along came Rumba, Mila, Yva, Zoe, Meme and Nala. In 2022 I bred my first ever litter and we kept one and named her Chilli.

I currently sit on the committee for the Northern Schnauzer Club and undergoing training to further my judging career.